Here you can download Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) for Darlin’ Corey, in duo and trio configurations. These kits include band biographies and high-resolution photos.

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Darlin’ Corey Biography (trio)

Darlin’ Corey features the singing and playing of Erica Brown, Matt Shipman and most recently Kris Day. Their music is a diverse and unique blend of folk with influences from bluegrass and old time music. Together they create an engaging performance of thoughtful originals, traditional songs and songs that influenced them along the way. Accompanied by Matt and Erica’s harmony vocals, Erica’s expert fiddling, Matt’s solid guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, and banjo work, and Kris’s steady and tasteful bass, they have become a well known and favorite act in the Portland area in recent years.

Darlin’ Corey Biography (duo)

From the northern reach of the Appalachian Trail comes the musical duo Darlin’ Corey. Drawing on the many threads of North American folk music, their elegant harmonies are the beating heart of their sound, in both their original music and the traditional Bluegrass, Old Time and Franco-American music they regularly showcase. In Darlin’ Corey’s singing and playing, you can feel the many years of dedication to these celebrated musical traditions. 

Erica Brown’s fiddle-playing is at turns virtuosic and completely unpretentious. Matt Shipman is an ideal counterpart as his versatility on a dizzying array of stringed instruments (guitar, Irish bouzouki, 5-string banjo, mandolin) blend seamlessly, never timid or overpowering.